NEWS 2017 / UUDISED 2017

16.12. CACIB Show in Vilnius, Lithuania

Judge Stefan Sinko from Slovenia. Bluepepper`s Doc “Rafa” BOB, CAC, CACIB, shortlisted to 6 in Terrier Group. Truozzy`s Hand In Hand “Missy” BOB Veteran, BOS. Armirelli Born Leader “Boora” BOB Junior, JCAC -> LTUJCH, BALTJCH. Congratulations and than you to co-owners and Breeders Anne and Marjo!

World Dog Show 2017 in Leipzig, Germany.

World Dog Show 2017 in Leipzig. We are happy about the results: Armirelli Born Leader “Boora” RES-VDH-JUNIOR CERTIFICATE, place 2. Truozzy`s Hand in Hand “Missy” RES-VDH-VETERAN-CERTIFICATE, place 2. Armirelli Ever Faithful “JOJO” RES-VDH-CACIB, place 2 (owner/handler Christiane Liehr). Thank you to judge Michale Forte from Ireland! Lot of thanks to Missy`s breeder Anne and JOJO`s owner Christiane!

4.-5.11. International Shows in Tartu

2 International all breed shows in Tartu (over 1200 entries both days) judged by Juan Nevada Carrero (Spain) and Desmond Murphy (USA). Our results: Truozzy`s Hand In Hand “Missy” both days BOB veteran, BB2 and BIS 3 Veteran (judge Valentinas Stiklius from Lithuania)! Armirelli Born Leader “Boora” BOB juunior and BOS juunior, BB4 and BB3. Armirelli Ringleader “Rocky” BOB juunior and BOS. Armirelli Hot Date BB3 and BB4 (owner/handler Ingrid Sats). Armirelli BOB Breeder! Thank you to the judges, owners and co-owners!

21.10. National Show in Rakvere.

National Show in Rakvere, judge Zoia Oleinikova from Ukraine. Armirelli Special Jape “Juula” CAC, BOB. Truozzy`s Bee Bee “BiBi” JBOB, BB3. Juula just got 2 years old and now became ESTCH, LTUCH, LAVCH, BALTCH, DNKCH

30.09. CACIB Show in Aland, Finland.

Great weekend in Ãland Islands with Aussie people. First of all we visited Eckerö IDS: Armirelli In Good Hands “Henna” BOS and CACIB, juniors Armirelli Ringleader “Rocky” and Armirelli Born Leader “Boora” both res – CAC under judge Monique Van Brempt. Thank you to the judge and fellow travellers Anne and Anneli.


Armirelli Ringleader “Rocky” finished Baltic Junior Champion title at age 10 months in Tallinn International Show: JBOB and BM2-> ESTJCH, LTUJCH, LAVJCH, BALTJCH. Thank you to judge Robert Kanas from Slovakia and co-owner Anne!

10.09. National all breed show in Haapsalu

10.09.Haapsalu all breed National Show. Our lovely Missy (Truozzy`s Hand in Hand) at age 10 years Best of Breed, Best In Group and Best In Show 4! Great thank you to judges Marian Draganescu / Romania and Tino Pehar / Croatia. Little Sakke (Temora`s American Handshake) BOB baby. After the show Sakke moved to Finland with co-owner Anne Moilanen. Good luck to this lovely baby!

09.09. National all breed show in Kaunas, Lithuania

Judge Hassi Assenmacher-Feyer from Germany. Armirelli Special Jape “Juula” CAC BOB. Truozzy`s Bee Bee “BiBi” JCAC JBOB LTJCH BALTJCH. Temora`s American Handshake “Sakke” BOB baby. Armirelli Ringleader “Rocky” JCAC JBOS. Thank you to the judge! Thank you Margot, Mare and Kirsti for handling and helping! Congratulations to all co-owners and breeders!

03.09. Terjerite erinäitus Paides.

Terrier group show in Paide, Estonia. Judge Harry O`Donoughue (Ireland)

Temora`s American Handshake “Sakke” BIS 1 Baby . Truozzy`s Hand In Hand “Missy” BOB, BIS 3 veteran. Armirelli Ringleader “Rocky” JCAC, BOB juunior, BOS. Armirelli Born Leader “Boora” JCAC BOS juunior BB3 -> ESTJCH LAVJCH. Armirelli Special Jape “Juula” BB2. ARMIRELLI BIS BEEDER 2! Photos from Estonian Foxterrier Club – thank you!

02.09. Terrier Speciality Show in Riga, Latvia.

Temora`s American Handshake “Sakke” debuted with the best possible result – BOB baby and BIS 1 Puppy! (owned by Anne Moilanen, me and Anna Kari) Truozzy`s Hand In Hand “Missy” at age 10 years BOB, Club Winner 17, BIS 1 veteran and BIS 3! Armirelli Special Jape “Juula” BB3, CAC. Armirelli Ringleader “Rocky” JCAC, BOS, Club Winner 17. Armirelli Born Leader “Boora” JCAC BB2. ARMIRELLI BOB BREEDER! Great thank you for handling to Margot and Ingrid!

The same time in Luige all breed National Show under judge Anne Sume Armirelli Keep Busy “Hipi” BOB, Truozzy`s Bee Bee “BiBi” JCAC -> ESTJCH, LVAJCH. Thank you for handling Anneli and Andrus! Thank you Judges! Congratulation to breedersJulie and Anne. Congrats co- owners Anne, Ingrid, Anne, Anneli, Andrus!

28.08. welcome to our team Sakke

Temora`s American Handshake “Sakke” arrived with me to Tallinn from USA Temora`s Australian Terriers, breeders Julie Seaton and Zane Smith. Sakke is owned by Anne Moilanen, me and Anna Kari. Thank you so much, Julie, for trusting this wonderful boy to us!

19.-20.08. 2 CACIB Shows in Tallinn.

19.08. CACIB show under Natalia Leonova from Russia. Bluepepper`s Doc “Rafa” res-CACIB, Boora and Juula VG. 20.08. CACIB show and Crufts Qualification Under judge Erodotus Neofytou from Cyprus. Truozzy`s Hand In Hand “Missy” BOS veteran and BOS, Armirelli Ringleader “Rocky” JCAC, BOB junior; Armirelli Born Leader “Boora” JCAC BOS Junior; Armirelli In Good Hands “Henna” ch ex 1. ARMIRELLI BOB BREEDER! Thank you to the judge and to handlers Margot and Rita.

18.08. Terrier Speciality Show in Tallinn

Judge Inese Pablaka from Latvia and Dina Korna

Truozzy`s Hand in Hand “Missy” BOB Veteran, BOB, BIS Veteran 4! Armirelli Born Leader “Boora” BOB Junior; Armirelli Special Jape “Juula” BB2; Armirelli Keep Busy “Hipi” CAC, BB3; Armirelli Ringleader “Rocky” xe jun. ARMIRELLI BIS 1 BREEDER! Thank you to the judges and to handlers Ingrid and Aili! Congratulations to co-owners Ingrid and Anneli!

Eukanuba IDS 29.07. in Helsinki.

Eukanuba International Show in Helsinki under judge Liz Cartledge (UK). Armirelli In Good Hands “Henna” CAC CACIB BOS -> FICH. Bluepepper`s Doc “Rafa” intermediate cl ex.Thank you to the judge! Thank you to co-owner Rita for taking good care of this lovely bitch.

08.-09.07.International Shows in Pärnu

Our best results: Bluepepper`s Doc “Rafa”  BOB x 2, CACIB x 2. Armirelli Keep Busy “Hipi” JCAC, JBOB, BB2 -> EST JCH, LTU JCH, LAV JCH, BALT JCH – handler and co-owner Anneli Tammik – super!. Armirelli Born Leader “Boora” BOB Puppy. Armirelli Ringleader “Rocky” BOB Puppy. Armirelli Special Jape “Juula” BB3, Res-CACIB, Armirelli In Good Hands “Henna”  BB2, Res-CACIB. Judges Viive Maranik and Jurate Butkiene – thank you! Thank you to Breeder Marjo and co-owners Katrin, Ingrid, Anneli, Rita, Anne. Photos by Anne Ernits

09.07.2017 Ylivieska International Show

FI & NO CH Armirelli Spitting Image “Siina”  CACIB and BOS from Ylivieska IDS. Thank you Marjo Ahola and Marjatta Lehtonen!

06.07.2017 R.I.P. lovely TUULI

R.I.P. our lovely TUULI – ARMIRELLI TOO HOT TO HANDLE (TEMORA’S ADVENTURE IN REVAL x FASTLOVE’S AMAZING ADVENTURE) C.I.B. BALT CH BALT JW15 EST CH EST JCH LTU CH LTU W17 LVA CH LVA CLJW16 LVA JCH LVA JW15 POL CH POL W16 ROU Cl JW15 ROU J CH TLNJW15 TLNW15. She passed away yesterday after an car accident at age 3 years. Tuuli is one of our favourites of my breeding – an adorable family dog, who did well in showring and gave us a very promising offspring Juula. We will miss you forever, dear Tuuli!

01.07.National Show in Tartu

National Show in Tartu: Armirelli Keep Busy “Hipi” JCAC, BOBJ; BOB under judge Ana Beatriz Knoll, Brazil. Hipi was handled by Anneli – congratulations and thank you a lot!!

17.-18-06. National all breed Shows in Luige

National show in Luige under judge Viktor Shiyan, Ukraine : Truozzy`s Bee Bee “BiBi” JCAC, BOB Junior, BOB. Armirelli Born Leader “Boora” BOB Puppy. Thank you to the judge, Breeder Anne and co-owner

The second day in Luige National show: Truozzy`s Bee Bee “BiBi” JCAC, Best Junior and Best of Breed. Armirelli Ringleader “Rocky” Best of Breed Puppy under judge Monika Kuriata-Okarmus, Poland. Thank you to the judge and co-owners

11.-12.06. International Shows in Vejen, Denmark

Two international shows in Vejen, Denmark with great results. Armirelli In Good Hands „Henna“ CACIB X 2, CAC, BOB, BOS -> DK CH, INTER CH!! Bluepepper`s Doc „Rafa“ CACIB X 2, CAC X 2, BOB, BOS. Armirelli Special Jape „Juula“ intermediate cl ex 1 x 2, BB3, BB2, CAC! Armirelli Keep Busy „Hipi“ junior cl ex 2 and 3. Great thank you to judges B. Rajic (Slovenia) and M. Möller-Sieber (Germany). It was nice to meet again Danish Breeder – thanks for hospitality and good coffee! Thank you, Kaj for some good photos! Lot of thanks to our fellow passengers Anneli and Hugo – it was a nice trip and special thanks to Anneli for great handling!!!

03.06. “Estonian Winner 2017” in Tallinn

14 entries. Judge Bente Marker from Australia. Our best results: Truozzy`s Hand In Hand „Missy“ BOB Veteran and BOS, ESTVW-17 and ESTW-17 at age 10 years! Armirelli Born Leader „Boora“ BOB Puppy. Armirelli Ringleader „Rocky“ BOS Puppy. Armirelli Special Jape „Juula“ BB 3 CACIB. Congratualtions and thant you to Anne Moilanen! Great thank you to the judge, co-owners and my helpers in the ring Margot and Anneli!

28.05. austraalia terjerite kevadmatk Jõgevamaal

13 aussit, 22 inimest + 1 beebi osalesid lõbusal matkapäeval Jõgevamaal. Suur tänu kõigile osalejatele ja eelkõige korraldaja Katrinale. Toreda video sellest sündmusest on kokku pannud Rita.

26.-27.05. BalTer Winner and Baltic Winner 2017 in Moletai, Lithuania

Armirelli Funny Business “Wiuhti” C.I.B.  FI & BALT & LT& EE & LV CH,BALTER W-17, BALTIC W-17, LT CL.W-17 TLN W-17, LV JW-14, TLN JW-14 LV & EE & BY JCH. Congratulations Anne, Anna, Jemina! Great thanks to Anne for handling! Armirelli Show Leader “Opal” in CanadaArmirelli Show Leader pulled a group 4 th from the junior puppy class under judge Wendy Maisey !

22.04. Terrier Speciality Show in Helsinki

Judge Diana Norman (Australia) Armirelli Funny Business “Wiuhti” CAC BB2 -> FI CH  Thank you  Anne Moilanenand and Congratulations to all involved!!! Bluepepper`s Doc “Rafa” class winner BM3 Res-CAC Armirelli Special Jape “Juula” ex, intermidiate cl 2 Armirelli Keep Busy “Hipi” ex, jun cl 4, handler Anneli Tammik. Armirelli Too Hot To Handle “Tuuli” ex, ch cl 4 ARMIRELLI BREEDER 2! Thank you to all handlers, owners and co-owners!

16.04. Terrier Speciality Show in Riga, Latvia

Terrier Speciality Show in Riga judged by Ruta Merkeviciene (Lithuania)Armirelli Born Leader “Boora” BOB baby and BIS baby 3! Truozzy`s Bee Bee “BiBi” JCAC JBOB, BOB and BIS junior 5! Armirelli Special Jape “Juula” CAC BB2.

09.04. Vaasa International Show

Armirelli Spitting Image “Siina”  CAC, CACIB, BOS  -> FI & NO CH Congratulations and lots of thanks to Marjo Ahola in Finland!

08.04. “Tallinn Winner 2017”

Armirelli Born Leader “Boora” debuted at age 5 months – BOB baby, BIS baby3!Bluepepper`s Doc “Rafa” BOB, BOB junior -> TLNW17, TLNJW17 shortlisted in jun BIS. Armirelli Funny Business “Wiuhti” BOS, CACIB, CAC->TLN W-17, C.I.B, EE CH, LV CH  owner/handler Anne Moilanen – thank you soooo much! Truozzy’s Hand In Hand “Missy” BOB-veteran, BB4 -> TLN VW-17 Armirelli Too Hot To Handle “Tuuli” ex 2, Armirelli Keep Busy ex 2.Armirelli Breeder 2 – thank you to Anneli Tammik and Anne Moilanen for handling.Thank you to judge Eeva Rautala from Finland, to breeders Marjo Ahola and Anne Moilanen! Congratulations and lot of thanks to owners and co-owners!

One more Australian Terrier Armirelli Special Jape “Juula” got qualification of THERAPY DOG. She passed an exam smoothly in age 1,5 years. Juula will be working together with Ingrid Reiljan and her father Terru (Armirelli Goodfella). Thank you so much, Ingrid! It is a great job!


Armirelli Funny Business “Wiuhti” BOS, CACIB & CAC in Riga, Latvia. Thank you, Anne! Congratulations to all involved

04.-05.03. “Lithuanian Winner 2017” and CACIB show in Vilnius

Armirelli Too Hot To Handle “Tuuli” CACIB x 2, Lithuanian Winner 2017, BOB. Truozzy`s Hand In Hand “Missy” BOB Veteran X 2, Lithuanian Veteran Winner 2017, BOB! Bluepepper`s Doc “Rafa” BOB Junior x 2, Lithuanian Junior Winner 2017, BOS x 2 Thank you to judges SVETLANA KOROTAEVA and LUÍS GORJÃO-HENRIQUES. Many thanks to co-owners Ingrid and Katrin, breeders Marjo and Anne and all travel fellows!


Estonian Terrier Club TOP TERRIER 2016 RESULTS: Truozzy`s Hand In Hand “Missy” TOP TERRIER 3! Truozzy`s Hand In Hand “Missy” TOP VETERAN TERRIER 2! Armirelli Special Jape “Juula” TOP JUNIOR TERRIER 3! – Co-owner Ingrid Reiljan Armirelli Hot Date “Janis” TOP AGILITY TERRIER 1! Owner Ingrid Sats. Congratulations and thank you to all co-owners and Breeder Anne Moilanen!

12.02.2017 International show “Tallinn Winter Cup 2017”

Judged by Gunnar Nymann (Denmark) Armirelli Special Jape “Juula” CACIB, BOB – handled by co-owner. Bluepepper`s Doc “Rafa” JBOB, JCAC, BOS EST&LAV&LTU&BALTJCH – Congratulations and thank you to breeder Marjo Ahola! Armirelli In Good Hands “Henna” res-CACIB. Thank you to the judge and co-owners Ingrid, Rita, Katrin!

11.02.2017 Estonian Terrier Club Speciality Show in Tallinn

Judged by Anne Klaas and Matti Luoso.(Finland)Truozzy`s Bee Bee “BIBi” BOB puppy and BIS puppy2!Truozzy`s Hand In Hand “Missy” VBOB and BIS 2 vet! Armirelli Too Hot To Handle “Tuuli” BOB Bluepepper`s Doc “Rafa” JCAC, JBOB, BOS. Armirelli Image Braker “Betti” BB 2 CAC EST CH. Armirelli Keep Busy “Hipi” JCAC JBOS BB4 – handled by Anneli Tammik. Armirelli Special Jape “Juula” BB3 – handled by Ingrid Reiljan. ARMIRELLI BIS 1 BREEDER

Thank you to the judges, to handlers Anneli and Ingrid and all co-owners Katrin, Anneli, Ingrid! Congrats and thank you to Breeder Anne Moilanen for these great Truozzy`s Aussies and Marjo Ahola for Rafa!!! Photos by Ago – thank you!

28.-29.01.2017 – 2 INTERNATIONAL SHOWS in Kaunas, Lithuania

28.01.2017 Bluepepper`Doc “Rafa” – JBOB, JCAC, BOB, Kaunas Winner 2017Armirelli Keep Busy “Hipi” – JCAC (handler Anneli Tammik), Armirelli In Good Hands “Henna” res-CACIB. Thank you to judges Laura Cox (Ireland)! 29.01.2017  Bluepepper`Doc “Rafa” – JBOB, JCAC. Armirelli Keep Busy “Hipi” – JCAC (handler Anneli Tammik), Armirelli In Good Hands “Henna” res-CACIB under Ramune Kazlauskaite (Lithuania). Thanks to Anneli and Margot for a nice trip. Photos Margot Oder

08.01. austraalia terjerite talvematk 2017

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