NEWS 2022 / UUDISED 2022

18.12. Gala Show 2022

EKU Gala Show – the most festive occasion of the year in our dogworld was held in Sokos Hotel Viru Tallinna and I am happy to share our results of the year 2022. The third place in AGILITY XS class was awarded to Armirelli In Good Hands “Henna” -owner/handler Rita Annus – thank you so much Rita❤️! The second place among all breeds in category of BREEDING DOG was awarded to Armirelli Born Leader “Boora” – lots of thanks to co-owner Kaire, to all progeny and their owners: Private Party “Pralle”, Costume Party “Bruno” and Külli, Coctail Party “Coco” and Nele; Simple Code “Käbi” and Kaili; Simple Red “Lissy” and Margot. Lissy participated in Junior of Juniors competition and also did well. Thank you to all involved!

17.12. Christmas Puppy Show

17 of December Christmas Puppy Show under Laurent Heinesche, Luxembourg. BLUEPEPPER’S UNICORN EATS CHUPA CHUPS BOB baby with great critiques from the judge – many thanks to Marjo and Kirsi for this lovely baby-boy❤️. ARMIRELLI UNBELIEVABLE LOYALTY “Lola” BOB puppy and ARMIRELLI UNBELIEVABLE JOURNEY “Uku” BOS puppy, ARMIRELLI UNBELIEVABLE FOXINESS “Luna” BP2. All 3 were shown in Breeder class and in Pralle`s (ARMIRELLI PRIVATE PARTY) Progeny class – got 4th placement. Thank you to the judges! Great thanks to owners/co-owners Katrin, Elisabeth, Liisu, Kerli!😊 You all did great in ring with your pups! Photos by Margot and Elisabeth

06.11 International Show in Tartu

International Show in Tartu on Sunday, judge Szilvia Grof from Hungary Armirelli Simple Red „Lissy“ Best Of Breed, CACIB. Armirelli Simpel Code „Käbi“ BB2, res-CACIB. Thank yuo to the judge and co-owner Kaili!

22.-23.11 International Shows in Tallinn

On Saturday Armirelli Simple Red “Lissy” CACIB and Best Of Breed🏆 under judge Vincent O’Brien, Ireland. On Sunday Armirelli Simple Code “Käbi” CACIB and Best Of Breed🏆, Armirelli Simple Red “Lissy” BB 3 under judge Inga Siil, Estonia. On Saturday after the show Lissy did Rally Obedience class 2 trials to points 79 and 81 under judge Anu Oks (needs one more trial over 70 points to enter Rally-O class 3). Thank you to the judges! Congratulations and thank you to Kaili for help with Käbi! Show photos by Ivar Hütt – aitäh, Ivar!😊

26.10. a trip to Vaasa, Finland

A new member joined Armirelli team. From Finland arrived Bluepepper`s Unicorn Eats Chupa Chups “Chupa”. Thank you to Marjo and Kirsi for this lovely boy! He is co-owned by Elisabeth. We wish Chupa a great future!

24-25.10 International Shows in Palanga, Lithuania

Armirelli True To Me „Suzi“ JCAC x 2, JBOB x 2 -> LTU JCH -> BALT J CH. Armirelli Simple Code „Käbi“ CAC X 2, CACIB X 1, res-CACIB X 1, BOB X 1. Armirelli Simpel Red „Lissy“ CAC X 1, CACIB X 1, BOB X 1. Thank you to judges Jensen Hanne Laine (Denmark) and Markku Kipinä (Finland). Congratulations to co-owners Kaili and Siret. Thank you to Margot for photos!

09.-11.09 Dracula Show in Targu Mures, Romania

Dracula Show in Targu Mures, Romania with Lissy and Käbi (Armirelli Simple Code and Simple Red). BOB x 6, Jun BOB x 5, CACIB x 3, ROJCH x 2, ROCH X 2, Grand Champion x 1, Interra Winner x 1, shortlisted in Junior BIS as best Terrier x 2. Thank you to judges Janusz Opara, Anca Diana Ciura, Szabo Samdor, Petru Muntean, Jorgen Hindse, Tiina Taulos! Photos by Margot Oder

27.08. Haapsalu CAC show

Armirelli True Match “Rocky” JCAC, BOSJ -> Estonian Junior Champion. Owner/handler Külli Nidermann – thank you and congratulations!

Armirelli Simple Red “Lissy” JBOB Armirelli Private Party “Pralle” BOB

21.08. CAC Show in Heinola, Finland

On Sunday an exciting show in Heinola, Finland (37 Aussies entered). Armirelli Simple Red „Lissy“ was the Best Junior with JCAC and Best Bitch 4 with CAC out of 24 bitches! Armirelli Simple Code „Käbi“ got Res-CAC. Both females got an excellent critiques from judge Boris Spoljaric (Croatia). Thank you to the judge, to Margot for help in ring and to Heli for help out of ring.

20.08. CACIB show in Luige

On Saturday in Luige (3 Aussies in ring) Armirelli Costume Party „Bruno“ was BOB with CACIB under judge Elisabeth Freuz. Lissy and Käbi were not qualified to get prices.

Congratulations and thank you to ownwr Külli and handler Margot. ARMIRELLI BOB Breeder, Armirelli Born Leader „Boora“ BOB Progeny and BIS 2 Progeny class! Great thank you to handlers/owners Külli, Kaili and Margot for a long day!

24.07. National Show in Elva

On Sunday in Elva National Show: Armirelli Costume Party „Bruno“ (owner Külli Nidermann, handler Margot Oder) Best Of Breed, Armirelli Simple Red „Lissy“ Best Of Opposite, Armirelli Simple Code „Käbi“ BB2, Armirelli In Good Hands “Henna“ BOB Veteran, BB3. ARMIRELLI BIS 3 BREEDER! Armirelli Born Leader BIS 2 Progeny Class. Thank you to judges Inesa Pablaka from Latvia and Francisco Salvador Janeiro from Portugal. Great thank you to owners and handlers Rita, Margot, Kaili, Kaire, Külli for help in ring and … it was a wonderful day! Photos by Kaire Laanmets- aitäh!

22.07.National Show In Elva

Armirelli Hot Date “Janis” 8 years old – Veteran CAC, BOB Veteran, Best Of Breed and became Estonian Veteran Champion under judge Kimmo Mustonen from Finland. Janis is in really good condition and still active in agility too. Congratulations and thank you to owner/handler Ingrid! Photos by Margot Oder

16.07. Terrier Group and National Show in Ogre, Latvia.

In Terrier Show Armirelli Simple Red „Lissy“ CAC and Best Female; Armirelli True Match „Rocky“ JCAC and Best Junior; Armirelli True To Me „Suzy“ JCAC BOS Junior congratulations to owner/handler Külli Nidermann,; ARMIRELLI BOB Breeder and Best In Show Breeder! Thank you to judge Ana Ivanova from Lithuania

National show under judge Bronislav Rajic from Slovenia. Armirelli Simple Code „Käbi“ CAC, Best Female; Armirelli True Match „Rocky“ JCAC; Armirelli True To Me „Suzi“ JCAC -> LAV JCH! Thank you to the judge! Thank you to Margot and Külli for help in ring. Congratulations to owners/co-owners Külli, Kaili, Siret!

09.07.2022 International Show in Pärnu

09.07.2022 International Show in Pärnu. Armirelli Simple Red „Lissy“ 15 months old today, got her first CACIB under judge Paul Lawless from Ireland and was Best Of Breed. Than you to the judge!

08.07.2022 I and III Group Show in Pärnu. Armirelli Simple Red „Lissy“ BOB junior and Best Of Breed under Magdalena Swieton from Poland – thank you!

03.06. International Show in Imavere

ARMIRELLI SILMPLE RED Lissy JBOB and Best Of Breed In Imavere CACIB Show under judge Bernard Ong from Singapore.

02.06. International Show in Imavere

Ring judge Vanja Vukosavljevic, SRB. Armirelli True Match „Rocky“ JCAC, JBOB, BOB and Best In Show Junior 2! – judge Annette Bystrup, DNK. Owner and handler Külli Nidermann – thank you and congratultions!!!

Armirelli True To Me „Suzi“ JCAC, JBOS, BOS and became Estonian Junior Champion!

Thank you to the judges and congratulations to owner Külli and co-owner Siret!

19.06. Latvian Winner 2022

“LATVIAN WINNER “2022” under judge Inese Pablaka, Latvia. Armirelli Simple Red “Lissy” BOB junior, LVJW2022! Her mother Armirelli Born Leader “Boora” Res-CACIB. Thank you to the judge and to Margot for help in ring.

18.06.National Show in Luige

18.06. National all breed show in Luiga under judge Monika Kuriata-Okarmus, Poland. In her first show Armirelli True To Me “Suzi” JCAC, BOB junior and Best of Breed. Armirelli Blue Robber and Armirelli True Match both ex 1 in class. Thank you to the judge and congratulations to co-owner Siret Reinaru!

05.06. Terrier Specialty Show in Luige

Terrier Specialty Show under Lukasz Pawlowski, Poland Armirelli Simple Red „Lissy“ BOS junior and BB3. Armirelli Born Leader BB 2. Armirelli In Good Hands „Henna“ BOB veteran, BIS Veteran 5 and the Best Born In Estonia Veteran! ARMIRELLI BOB Breeder and BIS 4 Breeder! Thank you to the judges and to helpers in ring Kaili, Rita, Anneli! Photos by Margot and Ivar Hütt – aitäh!

04.06.Estonian Winner 2022

„Estonian Winner 2022“ under Antic Dalibor, Serbia Armirelli Simple Code „Käbi“ JCAC JBOB BB2 ESTJCH and became LVAJCH LTUJCH BALTJCH! Armirelli Born Leader „Boora“ BB2, ARMIRELLI Breeder 2. Thank you to Margot for help in ring. Congratulations and thank you to owners/co-owners Kaili and Kaire!

29.05.2022 Terrier Specialty Show in Riga


Armirelli Simple Red „Lissy“ JCAC JBOB BOB LVJCH BALTJCH Junior BIS 4!

Armirelli In Good Hands „Henna“ VetCAC VetBOB LV VCH BIS 1 Veteran! Congratulations to owner Rita!

29.05. 2022 RETO CAC show in Riga under judge Kaisa Metteri-Gold, Finland.

Armirelli Simple Code „Käbi“ JCAC JBOB BOB! Thank you to co-owner Kaili! Thank you to judges and to Margot for help in ring!

10.04.Estonian Terrier Club Speciality Show

Armirelli results: Armirelli Born Leader Boora” Best Of Breed. Armirelli Simple Code “Käbi” JCAC and Best of Breed junior and BIS 3 junior! Armirelli In Good Hands “Henna” VCAC and Best Of Breed Veteran. Armirelli Simple Red “Lissy” ex, jun3.

As Pralle decided to give birth to our U-litter the same time, I could not participate in the show and I am very thankful to handlers Melissa, Aivi, Julia and Mihhail. Congratulations to owner Rita, co-owners Kaili and Kaire. Great thank you to all involved!

09.04. Tallinn Winner 2022

„Tallinn Winner 2022“ CACIB Show: Armirelli In Good Hands „Henna“ VCAC -> ESTVCH, VBOS, BOS, TLN Winner 2022, TLN Vet Winner 2022 – handled by Margot,congratulations to owner Rita Annus! Lissy jun 2, Käbi jun 3, ARMIRELLI BOB BREEDER. Thank you to Margot and Tiina for handling! Photos by Ivar Hütt – aitäh!

19.03. Lithuanian Terrier Club Winner 2022

Lithuanian Terrier Club Winner 2022 Show in Kaunas. Armirelli Simple Red “Lissy” JCAC JBOB BOB CLW2022 BIS 2 Junior, Best In Show 3! Armirelli In Good Hands “Henna” VBOB CLVW2022 BIS 2 Veteran! Thank you and congratulations to owner Rita! Great thank you to judge Magdalena Kozlowska from Poland!

19.03. National Show in Kaunas

National all breed show. Armirelli Simple Code “Käbi” JCAC JBOB Best Of Breed! Thank you and congratulations to co-owner Kaili!

19.-20.February Show weekend in Tallinn

International show “Tallinn Winter Cup 2022” on Saturday, judge Anne Klaas: Armirelli Private Party “Pralle” BOB, CACIB, TLNW2022. Armirelli Coctail Party “Coco” CAC, Res-CACIB -> CACIB, EST CH – thank you and congratulations to owner/handler Nele! ARMIRELLI BOB Breeder. Armirelli  Armirelli Born Leader BOB and BIS 3 Progeny class! Thank you to the judges and handlers/owners Nele, Margot, Melissa, Kaire!

National show on Sunday, judge Dušan Paunovic (Serbia): Armirelli Coctail Party BOB, Armirelli Simple Red JBOB, ARMIRELLI BOB and BIS 1 BREEDER! Armirelli Born Leader BOB and BIS Progeny class 2! Thank you to BIS judges Siret Lepassaar ja Dušan Paunovic! Thank you to handlers/owners Margot, Nele, Melissa, Kaire, Anett!

TOPTERRIER 2021 results

I am happy to announce Estonian Terrier Club TOPTERRIER 2021 Arimirelli results:

Armirelli In Good Hands “Henna” Agility Terrier 1! Owner Rita Annus

Armirelli Hot Date “Janis” Agility Terrier 2! Owner Ingrid Sats

Armirelli Born In Quarantine “Carrie” Junior Terrier 3! Owner Elika Lemloch

ARMIRELLI Terrier Breeder 1!

Great thanks to all partners, owners and helpers in show ring! You are amazing!

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