NEWS 2020 / UUDISED 2020

15.08. Tallinn Winner 2020 show in Luige

“Tallinn Winner 2020” title show in Luige (12 entries). Armirelli Born Leader “Boora” BOB, CACIB, “Tallinn Winner 2020”. Armirelli Private Party “Pralle” BOB Junior, “Tallinn Junior Winner 2020”. Armirelli Forces Of Nature “Romy” BB3. ARMIERLLI BOB Breeder! Thank you to judge Juta Haranen, to Margot and Mare for help in ring!

07.-09.08. 3 CACIB shows in Druskininkai, Lithuania

The first day in Druskininkai CACIB shows with 3 red females in heat 35 degrees and there are our great results: Armirelli Forces Of Nature “Romy” CAC CACIB BOS -> became LTUCH and BALTCH. Armirelli Born Leader “Boora” Res-CACIB. Armirelli Private Party “Pralle” JCAC, JBOS -> became LTUJCH, BALTJCH. Thank you to judje Kornelija Butrimova

The last day results : Armirelli Born Leader “Boora” BOS CACIB. Armirelli Forces Of Nature “Romy” res- CACIB, turns into CACIB. Armirelli Private Party ” Pralle” BOB junior! Thank you to judge Inese Pablaka and to Margot Oder for excellent handling!

26.07.2020 National show in Tallinn

Armirel Private Party “Pralle” BOB junior and BOB under Terrier judge Brigita Kramser from Slovenia and shortlisted in juniors Best In Show by Dina Korno. Armirelli Born Leader “Boora” BB2. Thank you to the judges. Photos by Kertu and Mare.

18.-19.07. 2 National shows in Elva, Estonia

Armirelli Private Party “Pralle” JCAC and JBOB both days -> ESTJCH, LVAJCH! Mother Boor BB2 and BB3. Thank you to Maiu for help in ring. Photo by Kati Moilanen.

11.-12.07. 2 CACIB shows in Pärnu, Estonia

Armirelli M-Club Hostess “Milli” BOB, CACIB, CAC -> EST CH, LAVCH, LTUCH, BALTCH! Armirelli Private Party “Pralle” JBOB, JCAC! Armirelli Born Leader Boora BB4. Armirelli BOB breeder, shortlisted in BIS ring.Thank you to judge Juta Haranen and to helpers in ring – Margot and Marta!The next day Armirelli Forces Of Nature “Romy” got CAC -> ESTCH, LAVCH!

08.03.Riga Terrier Speciality Show in Riga

The great weekend ended on Sunday in Riga Terrier Speciality Show under judge E. Romanenkova from Russia. Armirelli Born Leader “Boora” BOB, Best In Show 4! Armirelli Forces Of Nature “Romy” CAC, BB 2. Armirelli Private Party “Pralle” BOB puppy and Best In Show Puppy 2! Thank you to the judge and to Margot for help in ring!

07.03. Lithuanian Winner Show in Vilnius, judge Philomena Leonard, Ireland.

Armirelli Born Leader “Boora’ CACIB, Best of Breed and Lithuanian Winner 2020. Armirelli Forces of Nature “Romy” CAC, res – CACIB -> CACIB, BB2. Armirelli Private Party “Pralle” BOB puppy. Thank you to the judge and to Margot for handling Romy!

06.03. International Dogshow ” Vilnius Spring 2020″

Judge Elżbieta Chwalibog from Poland. Armirelli Born Leader “Boora” CAC, CACIB , BOB. Armirelli Forces of Nature “Romy” CAC, BB3. Armirelli Private Party “Pralle” very promising, BOB puppy. Boora became Lithuanian and Baltic CH.

Armirelli team results of TOPTERRIER 2019

Truozzy’s Hand in Hand „Missy“ Top 1 Veteran, breeder AnneMoilanen. Armirelli M-Club Hostess „Milli“ Top 3 Junior, co-owner Jane Raidma-Voolaid. Armirelli Hot Date „Janis“ Top 2 Agility Terrier, owner Ingrid Sats. Armirelli In Good Hands „Henna“ Top 3 Agility Terrier, owner Rita Annus. Lots of thanks to all owners and co-owners!

These are the last show results of our gorgeous Missy – she has done great job in the ring and most important that she loved it a lot! After a big trauma she lives a quiet life, feels happy and moves a bit around. Anne, it was the best idea to get my first Aussie from You! I will keep Missy in good hands the rest of her life.

15.02.2020 Terjerite erinäitus

Jurate Butkiene, Lithuania. Had only 2 dogs entered this time –  Armirelli Private Party „Pralle“ BOB puppy and Best In Show 2 puppy and the best puppy born in Estonia! Thank you to judge  George Schogol, Georgia. Armirelli Born Leader „Boora“ BOB and BIS 3 under BIS judge Jurate Butkiene! Boora was the best Terrier born in Estonia!

Armirelli ausside talvematk Nõval 19.01.2020.

Armirelli ausside talvematk Nõval.

National Dog Show in Tartu, Estonia 11.01.2020.

Judge Eddie Patterson from Ireland. Armirelli Born Leader “Boora” is back in ring – BOB. Her puppy Armirelli Private Party “Pralle” BOB puppy, Armirelli Once In A Blue Moon “Moona” ex junior. Photos Margot Oder.

Meie traditsiooniline uue aasta matk toimub sel aastal Nõva kandis Liivanõmme matkarajal (7,5 km). Kohtume 19. jaanuaril kl 11 kaardil märgitud parklas ja asume teele. Kaasa võtta koerad, suupisted ja soojad joogid. Palun andke oma osavõtust teada. Täpsem info: Kristiina – 5113302, Anne-Lii – 56502644

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