NEWS 2018 / UUDISED 2018

03.- 04.11.  2 CACIB Shows in Tartu, Estonia

03.11. Judge Boris Chapiro, France .Armirelli Born Leader BOORA – intermediate cl BOB CACIB. Armirelli M-Club Hostess MILLI – BOB puppy. Truozzy`s Hand In Hand MISSY– BOB Veteran BB2. Armirelli Hot Date JANIS – ch cl ex 2. Thank you to the judge and co-owners!

04.11. in Tartu IDS under Terrier judge Torsten Himmrich, Germany. Armirelli Born Leader BOORA – CACIB, BOB. Truozzy`s Hand In Hand MISSY – BOB Veteran, BB 3, BIS 3 Veteran! Armirelli Hot Date JANIS – res-CACIB, BB2, owner/handler Ingrid Sats Armirelli M-Club Hostess MILLI- BOB Puppy. Thank you to judges Boris Shapiro, Torsten Himmrich and Tomas Kucera. Congratulations and lots of thanks to handlers, co-owners and Missy`s Breeder Anne Moilanen!

23.09.Terrier Group Show in Maardu

Judges Juta Haranen and Inga Siil. Armirelli Born Leader “Boora” BOB, shortlisted in BIS; Truozzy`s Hand In Hand “Missy” BOB veteran, BB2, BIS 1 Veteran! Armirelli Second Nature “Kratt” BOB Baby and BIS 1 Baby! Armirelli M-Club Hostess “Milli” BOB Puppy, BIS 2 Puppy! Thank you to the judges and Congratulations to all involved!

16.09. Armirelli Aussies in Käsmu

09.09. Terrier group show in Paide

Terrier group show judge Irina Poletaeva, Finland. Great news is that our lovely Missy (Truozzy`s Hand In Hand) is back in ring 2 months after knee surgery at age 11 years! Missy was BOB veteran and BIS 3 veteran!!! Armirelli M-Club Hostess “Milli” BOB baby and Armirelli Born Leader “Boora” BOB. Thank you to the judge.

25. ja 26.08. Baltic Winner ja BalTer Winner

Tubli, Getter!M-Club kutsikad debüteerisid näituseringis.  Armirelli M-Club Hostess “Milli” oli mõlemal päeval tõu parim beebi ja erinäitusel BIS 4 beebi. Armirelli M-Club Majesty “Villi” osales erinäitusel, oli väga lubava kirjeldusega VSP beebi


26.08. Meie tublid agility koerad Stefi (Armirelli Feeling Good) koos Steiviga ja Janis (Armirelli Hot Date) koos Ingridiga.Palju õnne!


The third day in Amsterdam at WDS wasTerrier Speciality: Armirelli Born Leader “Boora” Best of Opposite, double CAC.Temora’ s American Handshake “Sakke” Best of Breed Junior. Great thank you to judge Helen Tonkson, Breeder Julie M Seaton co-owners Anne Moilanen Anna Kari, travel fellows Margot Oder Oksana Bitjutskih, Leia Nilk

10.08. WORLD DOG SHOW 2018 In Amsterdam.

Armirelli Born Leader “Boora” ex, class winner. Themora`s American Handshake “Sakke” ex, Junior 2! 09.08. Benelux Winner 2018 Show in Amsterdam. Temora`s American Handshake ‘”Sakke” Benelux Junior Winner, Res-CAC. Congratulations to Breeder Julie M Seaton, owners Anne Moilanen, Anna Kari. Armirelli Born Leader “Boora” Res- CAC, Res-CACIB -> CACIB.Judge Monique Van Brempt.

01.07. Australian Terrier Speciality Show in Finland, 77 entries.

Armirelli youngsters Born Leader „Boora” and Ringleader „Rocky“ participated in Australian Terrier speciality organized by ATC of Finland. Judge Pamela Douglas from NZ and 77 entries. Boora cl 2 ex CK,and Rocky cl 3 ex CK. Temora`s American Handshake „Sakke“ jun4 ex CK! Photos by Margot Oder.

07.07. in Pärnu CACIB Show

(11 entries) Armirelli Born Leader “Boora” res-CACIB. Photo Anne Ernits

04.06.Our lovely Missy (Truozzy`s Hand In Hand) got a bad knee injury just some days before her11th birthday. She was running around in the garden with other dogs and one moment was limping not using the left hind leg. She has got total rupture of cruciate ligament and injury of meniscus. Missy was operated on her knee today by our best specialist in this field and all went well. We wish her quick recovery and hope to see her great drive and merry nature soon again.

29.06. Happy Birthday, Missy!

17.06. CACIB Show in Tromso, Norway

Back from a long trip to Norway with Henna and Rafa.Thank you to judge Knut Nilsson from Sweden. BALT JW16 POL JW16 TLN WCup17 TLN JWCup17 LTU JW17 ESTJCH LTUJCH LVAJCH BALTJCH TLNW17 TLNJW17 ESTCH LTUCH LVACH BALTCH POL CLW18 POLCH LVA W18 FICH DNKCH NOCH NORDIC CH C.I.B. Bluepepper`s Doc „Rafa“ – BOB, CACIB, CAC. ESTJCH TLN JWCup15 LTUJCH LVAJCH BALTJCH ESTJW15 LTUCH ESTCH LVACH BALTCH FICH DNKCH C.I.B. NOCH NORDIC CH Armirelli In Good Hands „Henna“ – BOS, CACIB, CAC. Both became Norwegian and Nordic CH + Rafa our new C.I.B. Congratulations to co-owners and thank you to Breeder Marjo Ahola!

“Latvian Winner 2018” in Riga judged by Vija Klucniece (Latvia)

Bluepepper`s Doc “Rafa” CAC CACIB BOB Latvian Winner 2018 LVACH BALTCH. Rafa was handled by Margot Oder – thank you, Margot for this trip and great handling! Thank you to co-owner Katrin and Breeder Marjo!

19.-20.05. Great weekend for our Aussies in Finland, Latvia and Canada!

Royal Canin International show in Helsinki – Truossy`s Hand in Hand „Missy“ BOB veteran and BB2, Bluepepper`s Doc „Rafa“ – CAC, BM4 and FICH! Armirelli Born Leader „Boora“ ex, cl1. Armirelli Ringleader „Rocky“ CAC and BOB, Club Winner 2018 in Riga group show, Armirelli Keep Busy „Hipi“ ex – both handlered by Anneli – thank you! Armirelli Show Leader „Opal“ BOB with point over the male in Canada. Congratulations and thank you to Anne, Marjo, Katrin, Sheilah, Anne, Anneli, Margot!

29.04.2018 Polish Terrier Club Speciality Show in Opole (363 entries).

Truozzy`s Hand In Hand „Missy“ BOB, BOB VET Club VeteranWinner2018, BIS 1 VETERAN and BIS2! Armirelli Born Leader „Boora“ BOB Junior, Club Junior Winner 2018, BIS 3 Junior! Bluepepper`s Doc „Rafa“ BOS, Club Winner 2018 Armirelli Hot Date „Janis“ CAC, Club Winner 2018 – handler/owner Ingrid Sats. Lots of thanks to judges Andrzej Kazmierski, Jesus Pastor Basalo and BIS judge Maite Gonzalbo Lorenzo! Tahnk you to handlers Margot and Ingrid. Congratulations and thank you to Missy`s Breeder Anne Moilanen, owners and co-owners!

28.04.2018 International Show in Opole, Poland.

Bluepepper’s Doc Rafa BOB, CACIB CAC PL CH. Armirelli Hot Date Janis BOS CACIB CAC PLCH. Armirelli Born Leader Boora BOBJ JCAC PLJCH. Truozzi’s Hand In Hand Missy BOB VET VCAC LPVCH. Judge Janusz Opara. Thank you to the judge, handlers Margot and Ingrid! Congratulations to owner Ingrid, co-owner Katrin, Breeders Anne and Marjo Ahola!

14.04.2018 Tallinn Winner 2018

Tallinn Winner 2018, judge Hisayoshi Kadowaki, Japan. Our results: Armirelli Ringleader „Rocky“ BOB, JBOB, TLNJW18, TLNW18, GROUP 4! Bluepepper`s Doc „Rafa“ BM2, CACIB. Armirelli Born Leader „Boora“ BOS, JBOS, TLNJW18, TLNW18 Armirelli Keep Busy „Hipi“ CAC, CACIB, BB3 –> ESTCH Truozzy`s Hand In Hand „Missy“ BOB Veteran, BB2. Thank you to the judge and group judge Anne Klaas. Thank you to Anneli for great handling of Hipi and Rocky. Congratulations to co-owners and thanks for excellent care of the dogs. Photo by Anne Ernits.

17.03. International Show in Narva

Judge Panos Demetriou, CyprusArmirelli Born Leader „Boora“ CACIB, BOB; Armirelli Ringleader „Rocky“ R-CACIB; Truozzy`s Hand In Hand „Missy“ VBOB BF3. Thank you to the judge and to Margot for help in ring.

03.03. Lithuanian Winner 2018 Show in Vilnius

Armirelli Born Leader “Boora” Lithuanian Junior Winner 2018 and BOB under judge Jurate Butkiene from Lithuania. Armirelli Special Jape “Juula” ch cl 1.


ARMIRELLI HOT DATE „JANIS“ TOP 1 AGILITY TERRIER – owner Ingrid Sats BLUEPEPPER` S DOC „RAFA“ TOP 2 JUNIOR TERRIER – co-owner Katrin Esken, breeder Marjo Ahola TRUOZZY`S HAND IN HAND „MISSY“ TOP 3 VETERAN TERRIER, breeder Anne Moilanen ARMIRELLI TOP TERRIER BREEDER! Congratulations and lots of thanks to owners, co-owners and Breeders!

11.02.Tallinn Cup 2018

Tallinn Cup Winner 2018 under judge Csaba Zsolt Lokodi, Romani (18 entries). Truozzy`s Hand In Hand „Missy“ BOB veteran, BF3 Temora`s American Handshake „Sakke“ JCAC, BOB junior -> ESTJCH Armirelli Born Leader „Boora“ BOS junior Armirelli Ringleader „RockY“ intermediate 1 ex CQ Armirelli Special Jape „Juula“ Champion cl 2, ex Thank you to co-owners (Anne, Ingrid, Anne), to Ingrid for handling, Breeders Anne and Julie and judge Csaba Zsolt Lokodi. It was great to see so many nice Aussies in ring in Tallinn! Thanks to Natalia for photos.

10.02. Terrier Speciality show in Jüri

Terrier Speciality Show under judge Andrzej Jendrasiak, Poland (19 entries). Truozzy`s Hand In Hand „Missy“ BOB veteran and BIS 3 veteran! Temora`s American Handshake „Sakke“ ex CQ, jun2 Armirelli Boen Leader „Boora“ BOS junior Armirelli Ringleader „RockY“ intermediate 1 ex CQ Bluepepper`s Doc „Rafa open 1 ex, CQ  BM2 Armirelli In Good Hands „Henna“ champion cl 2, ex, CQ BF4 Armirelli Keep Busy „Hipi“ intermediate cl 1 , ex, CQ ARMIRELLI Breeder 3! Thank you to co-owners (Anne, Anneli, Katrin, Anne), handlers ( Anneli, Natalia, Kristiina), Breeders Anne and Julie and judges. It was great to see so many nice Aussies in ring in Tallinn! Thanks to Natalia for photos and for a help in ring.

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