NEWS 2023 / UUDISED 2023

28.05. RETO show and Terrier Show in Riga, Latvia

A busy Sunday in Riga at „Reto“ CAC show and Terrier Show under judges Hannele Jokisilta (Finland) and Dainora Sudeikiene (Lithuania). Armirelli True To Me „Suzi“ CAC x 2 and BOB x 2. Armirelli Unbelievable Foxiness „Luna“ JCAC x 2, JBOB x 2 and BIS Junior Terrier in Group show. Luna became LAVJCH! Thank you to the judges and congratulations to co-owners Siret ja Kerli!

14.05. Terrier Show in Särevere

Great results from Terrier Group Show in Särevere under judge Lukasz Pawlowski (Poland). Armirelli Unbelievable Foxiness „Luna“ JCAC JBOB ->ESTJCH BOB, BIS 2 Junior and Best In Show 3! Simple Code „Käbi“ CAC -> ESTCH, LTUCH, LVACH, BALTCH Thank you to the judge! Palju õnne kaasomanikele!

13.05 Helsinki Royal Canin IDS in Helsinki

Helsinki Royal Canin International dog show (19 entries) under Tinna Gruppe (DK). Armirelli Unbelievable Loyalty “Lola” (Reimin Marc Jacobs x Armirelli Born Leader) JCAC, JBOB, J-CACIB and BB4 with CAC. Lola is the first junior in my kennel who will be awarded for a new title – International Junior Champion🏆Armirelli Simple Code res-CAC! Great thank you to the judge! Palju õnne kaasomanikele!

04.03.„Lithuanian Winner 2023“ in Vilnius

Armirelli Unbelievable Loyalty „Lola“ 10month old was the Best Junior with JCACIB and „Lithuanian Junior Winner 2023“ title, LTJCH, she was also the Best Of Opposite in strong competition. It was her first show abroad, I am so happy for young Lola! Armirelli Simple Red „Lissy“ ex 2. Congratulations to Lola`s co-owner Katrin! Photos by Margot.

ETC Topterrier-2022 ARMIRELLI results

Armirelli Born Leader „Boora“ Breeding Terrier 1! Armirelli Hot Date „Janis“ with Ingrid Agility Terrier 1! Armirelli In Good Hands „Henna“ with Rita Agility Terrier 2! Armirelli Simple Red „Lissy“ Junior Terrier 3!  Armirelli Breeder 2! Lots of thanks to all owners and handlers – you have been super! Palju õnne Rita, Ingrid, Kaire!

25.02. National Show in Valga

Armirelli results under judge Marie Thorpe (Ireland): Armirelli Simple red „Lissy“ BOB;  Armirelli Unbelievable Journey „Uku“ Jun sert, BOB Junior and BOS – congratulations to owner/handler Liisu! Armirelli Unbelievable Foxyness „Luna“ Jun sert BOS Junior – congratulations to co-owner Kerli! ARMIRELLI BOB Breeder! Thank you to the judge and all owners and handlers!

18.-19.02. CACIB and CAC shows in Tallinn

Our youngsters did great this weekend. Armirelli Unbelievable Loyalty „Lola“ both days jun sert and BOB junior on Sunday – she became EST JCH! Congrats and thanks to co-owner Katrin! Armirelli Unbelievable Journey „Uku“ Jun sert, JBOS and BOS – great thank you to owner/handler Liisu! Bluepepper`s Unicorn Eats Chupa Chups „Chupa“ BOB puppy – thank you to Marjo ansd Kirsi and co-owner Elisabeth! Armirelli True Match „Rocky“ res-CACIB on Saturday, thanks to owner/handler Külli! ARMIRELLI BOB Breeder both days, shortlisted in BIS ring on Saturday and BIS 2 BREEDER on Sunday. Thanks a lot to all handlers/owners, you did great with young Aussies. Thank you to judges Kalvo Kriisk, Natalja Skalin,  Perttu Ståhlberg!

14.01. CAC show in Pärnu

Our first show of the year in Pärnu, Estonia. The first official show for our youngsters in Junior class at age 9 month. Armirelli Unbelievable Loialty “Lola” BOB Junior, Jun CAC. Armirelli Unvelievalble Journy “Uku” excellent, Junior 2. Armirelli Simple Red “Lissy” BOB and Group 4! ARMIRELLI Breeder 2! Lissy also helped Karl-Markus in Child and Dog ring and they won 4th place! Thank you to judges Juta Haranen and Dina Korna! Lots of thanks to owners Liisu and Katrin who did great in my Breeder class!

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