NEWS 2023 / UUDISED 2023

14.01. CAC show in Pärnu

Our first show of the year in Pärnu, Estonia. The first official show for our youngsters in Junior class at age 9 month. Armirelli Unbelievable Loialty “Lola” BOB Junior, Jun CAC. Armirelli Unvelievalble Journy “Uku” excellent, Junior 2. Armirelli Simple Red “Lissy” BOB and Group 4! ARMIRELLI Breeder 2! Lissy also helped Karl-Markus in Child and Dog ring and they won 4th place! Thank you to judges Juta Haranen and Dina Korna! Lots of thanks to owners Liisu and Katrin who did great in my Breeder class!

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